Tips for Getting Maximum Distance in Golf

When it comes to hitting a golf ball there are two things that matter, distance and accuracy. Most people get the idea of hitting the ball in the right direction pretty quickly, but struggle with distance. Being able to hit the ball a little farther could be the thing that really help to lower your handicap.  Closer approach shots will definitely lead to better scores, so getting maximum distance is crucial.  Try these techniques to help you hit the golf ball so that it goes farther, without sacrificing accuracy.

Twist More

To generate the most power, you need to be able to twist into the swing so that your shoulders are almost 90 degrees. A lot of amateurs cannot do this because they aren’t flexible enough. Working on mobility and flexibility could greatly improve your golf game.  The main reason you see distance deteriorate with age is because your body loses flexibility and range of motion, which leads to lower club head speeds.  Try incorporating a golf flexibility routine into your life to help stay supple.

Lead With Your Hips

Increase your swing speed by leading with your hips and letting the swing follow through, instead of being ‘stiff’. You can get an idea of what the motion should feel like by practicing throwing a ball but using your whole body. Mentally, it ‘feels’ stronger to rely on your arms. Your torso is incredibly powerful, though, and learning how to harness that power will be a big help.  Getting your hips involved will also help to create a “whip” motion which will generate more club head speed and longer distances.

Check out this video regarding the “whip” motion in golf:

Use Torque

Once your hips have started to turn and move forward, let your arms move down. This will create torque between your upper body and your lower body, and will make your swing faster. A faster swing will apply more energy to the ball, and therefore the ball will go further.

Noticing a trend here?  Club head speed means more distance, so focus on these areas to help you increase club head speed.

Practice Matters

All of these techniques are easy to explain and fairly easy to ‘do once’ when you are really thinking about them, but committing them to muscle memory is another matter. You will need to practice them regularly to be able to apply them without thinking.

Use Tools

Technology has inserted itself into the game of golf in a big way.  You can use tools like rangefinders and GPS Golf Watches to track your shot distance so you can see how far each club is going.  This will help you to identify which clubs need work in the distance department.